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ICAP is a year long project including Artist lead workshops for children & adults from Italian Community. The project is lead by local artist and sculptor Pina Santoro-Ellwood.
Collaboration and collective research from the ICAP events will inspire a Sculpture for the Italian Community to be created and toured on exhibition in three Peterborough spaces: The Town Hall, A Vivacity Arts & Culture Venue TBC and the ICA. Click on the link to the left.



Grapevine Project

Grapevine Project is an interactive Installation that celebrates Art & Food culture together.

In true grapevine style the GRAPEVINE PROJECT installation that began just over four weeks ago has spread from Peterborough to Europe. It contains some of the most interesting stories and memories I’ve ever heard especially from the ICA community. Engagement with ICA members, workshops and contacts including social networks began the project. It grew very quickly and was exhibited at this years Arts Festival & the Italian Festival Peterborough.

My work is very much inspired by my Italian culture and so interestingly the contributions, even from my own family have been a reminder that there’s still a lot I can learn from them.

Other fantastic contributions include personal stories from Ken Howard RA and his wife Dora, ICAP volunteers, ICAP children students, visitors to Vivacitys Art Festival and The Italian Festival Peterborough, Peterborough Presents Community Bridge Builders, City Council community connectors, members of the ICA Peterborough as well as other local Peterborians and far away places Turkey,Italy, Sicily and Cyprus. With over 100 contributions so far the vine is still growing and an ongoing project. I welcome contributions for a while yet and every vine leaf is a source of inspiration for my future artwork.

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