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  Our History  
Having come to Peterborough in 1953 I have had the honour and the privilege to grow up among the City's Italian Community. I can honestly say that overcoming all the difficulties, which invariably accompany new immigrant communities, was made possible by the incredibly strong spirit of friendship and companionship, which existed within the community.

Today our Italian Community in Peterborough can boast that within the community the whole spectrum of success can be found, from the Italian working on the shop floor to millionaire entrepreneurs. This has only been possible because of the hard work, dedication, love of family and help that each generation has given the next.

If today Italy is the 5th economic power in the world, it is without a doubt, in part due to the 60 million Italians who live outside of Italy. The forgotten Italy which suffers the schizophrenia of emigration (not being one of the other and belonging to neither), but which has lived with pride and dignity in its chosen country. These 60 million that had to leave their home, for whatever reason, deserve our respect, those who took a risk in order to find something better for us, the true Italian Ambassadors, deserve our thanks, and those that are no longer with us deserve our remembrance.

Cav. Marco Cereste
  Due lavoratori italiani accanto ad un camion per il transorta dei mattoni.

Two Italian employees near a London Brick Co. lorry

da sinistra: Salerno Giovanni (Campania)
Cavalieri Salvatore (Calabria)
  Gruppo di lavoratori italian,con il Console Generale d'Italia a Londra, Padre dei Scalabrini da Londra, Manager inglese dello Hostel di Fletton, Visita del 1953.

Italian General consul and on of the Scalabrini Fathers from London. The Fletton Hostel manager and group of Italians.
  Sorting the electricity cables
Pozza Carlo (Trentino), arrivato in Gran Bretagna nel giugno 1964, contratto can la Societa di cavi Forbity, di Bedford: vi rimase sino al 1968 lavorando alla posa dei cavi elettrici in diverse parti dell' Inghilterra compreso Peterborough dove nel 1968, previo positivo esame, fu assunto alla Perkins locale dove vi rimase per 18 anni.
  Working on the railway lines.
  On the production line at Perkins
  Working with machinery
  Two Italian ladies going to work.
  Pozza Maria with students
  Piccolo Guadagno in Gladstone Street
  St. Anthony's Day procession.
  Michele Ferro and friends.
The Fleet
The centre contains a Main Hall with a stage, which will seat 350 persons, a Day Centre for the elderly (funded by Peterborough Social Services) 2 Lounge Bars, the newest built by the ICA and opened by H.E. Italian Ambassador Boris Bianchieri in 1988. The second extension, two new dinning rooms built by the ICA were officially opened on 15th November 1996 by H.E. The Italian Ambassador Paolo Galli. The new extension will be used as two dinning rooms for meetings, conferences and various other activities.

nella foto: da destra: Cereste Marco (Presidente del The Fleet), Nikki Cereste, from the right: Sir Brian Mawhinney, Antonetta e Serafino Cereste, Lucia e Marco Storti.
prima fila da destra first row from the right: Serluca Leonardo (Puglia), V:Presidente del The Fleet e Resonsabile del Drop-in-Centre, Vito Todesco (Puglia), Giuseppe Meo (Campania).

prima fila da sinista first row from left: Olga Bagnoli (Campania), Maria Lobozzo (Puglia).

in alto al centro Center rear: Viola Serluca (Abruzzi), Responsabile cucina con alcuni degli ospiti del Centro.
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The Fleet Complex
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